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IPAL Youth Theater

Summer is the time for fun activities for youth, and as part of its yearly program IPAL, will again hold a summer youth musical and a Theater Camp! The Theater Camp is for kids, ages 6-9 and 10-12, and the summer musical is for those aged 6-19. According to former IPAL president Kim Monroe, “Getting young people involved in theater is one of IPAL’s  goals. It provides unique experiences, builds great friendships, and gives an appreciation of the arts and in particular theater which is invaluable.”

Summer 2020 Youth Musical

Director Hollie Guidry has plans to present Tarzan, Jr. this summer.

With the current Stay Home Order due to COVID-19 casting and production has been placed on hold.  Please check back here often for more information.

Any questions can be directed to Hollie Guidry at or at (337)519-5169.

Summer Youth Theater Camps

Hollie Guidry reports slots are still available for IPAL's Summer Youth Camps.  The registration forms can be found on IPAL's Facebook page.  Deadline for registration is July 1 and the fee is $100 per child.  

Any questions can be directed to Hollie Guidry at or at (337)519-5169.

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