How fun does this sound? You and your fellow thespians split into teams, and each team picks several variables from a hat (genre, setting, time period, conflict type, plot device, archetype, etc.) which you are required to include into original, one-act plays. Sounds easy enough, right? Oh, but here's the kicker -- you've only got ONE DAY to pull it all together.
If that sounds interesting to you, then keep reading!

This event will begin at 6:30 pm on Friday July 9th. (But you will likely need to stay up most of the night and spend most of the next day working on your scene!)
There will be required check-ins at IPAL on the 10th to monitor your progress, so reliable transportation is a must. At this time, participants may browse our costumes/props for use in scenes. However, the theatre will not be open for the entire writing/rehearsal period, so some of you will likely need to be open to having your teammates rehearse in your home.

On the evening of Saturday July 10th, your team will perform for the public. (Tickets will be sold online as we get closer to the date. We should also have tickets available at the door.) At the end of the night, a winning group will be chosen based on the opinions of a panel of judges and an audience vote.

You must signup online by clicking here to participate in the 24 Hour Play Festival, either individually (to be grouped with other individual participants) or as a group (though we may have to add other participants to your team). Please only register if you are comfortable with all of the above. We ask that you only register if you are certain that you can be there. If something changes and you must cancel, please call Mitchell Prudhomme at (337) 380-6624 immediately. The deadline to register is June 30th at midnight.

NOTE: The ticket revenue will help fund our fall musical, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

IPAL recommends for all volunteers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.